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Photography & Brnading

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Branding Photography

Branding photography works closely with you to understand your story, the feel you want to portray and how you want your customers to react to you/your product. Branding photography provides a large gallery of high quality images that can be used throughout your business in many different capacities, working to streamline and create cohesion in your brand. 


How to use business branding and product photography? 

  • Headshots both formal and candid 

  • Story telling candid images of your work

  • High quality images of products, artwork, inventory, services to use on your website, commerce sites, social media

  • Create personal artwork for your space whether it is a brick and mortar shop or virtual site. For example, a large canvas of your work, creating a more personal story 

  • Tell your story with a book, pamphlet, business cards, poster, and more. Using personal and quality photography along with a professional graphic designer, you can take your image to the next level. 

  • All the above images can be used in dozens of different ways from business cards to flyers to websites to social media posts.


Soul Space Work also contracts and connects with other artists, writers, designers when needed to make sure you and your business receive the highest quality of work.


Design is vital to telling your story. You can have a great product or mission or service but if the design, aesthetic and imagery doesn’t tell your story or make people feel connected, they will reach for one that does. Soul Space Work provides consulting, coaching and collaboration to create your design aesthetic. From the graphic design on your business card to the web design on your website to the design in and out of your store, we work to create cohesive, comfortable and attractive strategies for connecting with your customers and telling your story.