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About Soul Space Work

Soul Space Work was created to provide a space for exploration, compassion, humanity, empowerment and support.


Sarah Smith Warren is a certified coach, artist, entrepreneur and community advocate. She holds a Masters of Arts in Communication, an accredited coaching certification and has spent her career working in the nonprofit sector of the arts, humanities and economic and community development, small business and leadership facilitation. She moved into the role of small business owner when she opened her photography studio, renovating a historic building in her downtown.  In 2019, Sarah received a national Creative Community Fellowship and North Dakota Change Maker fellowship. Through these experiences, Soul Space Work was established to create a support system for humans, artists, organizations and businesses. Soul Space Work is now located in Fargo, North Dakota, serving the Red River Valley and clients across the region, state and country. 


The Soul can be defined as the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans. I always wanted my soul to align with the work that I do and I discovered that for me, there is not only one thing that offers that life, feeling, thought and action…but there are many opportunities that will fill us up at different times. When our personal needs can align with our work and our choices, we are able to move through the world more fulfilled. 

The Soul in Soul Space Work is the examination of who we are and who we want to be. The Soul can be that of ourselves, our business and the soul of the community in which we work and thrive.


A Sense of Place and Space is an important piece of our story. From being raised on a cattle ranch in rural North Dakota, growing up on the Spirit Lake Nation and a decade of travel and experience, I found my way back home to the wide open plains.  I discovered how space and place shapes who we are. Now as I physically work in different spaces across the country, I’m understanding how space is so much more than a physical thing. Your space, whether it is your home, your business, your virtual or physical storefront, your community, is an essential piece of your story and continues to shape you and others.


The work is the action, the motion. Thought and words need movement. My own work journey has spanned all levels from cleaning bathrooms and schlepping beans to making presentations and leading a board of directors, sometimes all on the same day. You can explore and create work that is meaningful, empowering and important to you. We can work not only smarter, but with more soul -  find our own fulfillment and seek out collaborators, networks, partners who align with us.

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