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Soul Space Work offers several coaching opportunities and works with individuals, businesses and organizations. Coaching offers direct support to help you or your team explore and ultimately move forward in your life and work. When I began working with my own coaches, I was finally able to discover what I actually wanted and how to make it happen. Soul Space Work walks alongside you, supporting and championing you and your goals.


There are several packages and options to choose from when looking for coaching opportunities with Soul Space Work. In addition, you can customize and co-create a package that is right for you. 

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1:1 Work Intensive
In Person OR Virtual​

This is for the busy woman sick of falling short of the “balance act”. The 24/7 of caretaking and expectations is taking the joy, meaning and purpose out of life. This workshop will find your deep clarity, identify the tools for change and create a sustainable plan for practice.

3 Month Individual Workshop Includes:

  • Bi-Monthly Work Sessions

  • Exercises, Reflection &, Accountability

  • Tools, Practice & Plan for Sustainability

  • Come Ready to Get Honest & Make Change


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Individual Coaching Package​

An individual coaching package gets clear on what you want, what you need and what is holding you back. The package includes 6 one-on-one individual sessions that will be full of examination and exploration, leading you to find your clarity. 

​​Career Development Coaching Package

The Career Development Coaching package provides individualized and personalized coaching focusing on career and leadership development. The package includes 6 one-on-one individual sessions and will explore individual needs, desires and create steps and a plan to move forward in your desired direction.

Business/Leadership/Team Coaching

This packaged is customized specifically for your business and your team. It includes combined services of individual and team coaching along with some leadership training. This package first focuses on the needs and goals of the team and works together and individually to develop healthy humans, healthy leaders and healthy teams. 

Nonprofit Organizational Leadership Package

If you work in the nonprofit sector or are starting your own organization, there is no shortage of soul or work. In this package, we create the space to really understand your organizations mission, vision, needs and goals. When you and your organization are clear and healthy, so is your work and opportunities. With over a decade in the nonprofit industry, Soul Space Work offers support and resources to elevate you and your mission. 

Grant Writing Workshop Training


Writing grants is just a part of life for most nonprofits and organizations. It can be overwhelming, intimidating and very time consuming. Soul Space Work does offer grant writing services, however, we are passionate about equipping you with grant writing knowledge and craft. A Grant Writing Workshop Training will provide individual or group training on grant writing, and Soul Space Work will also work alongside you in your grant project, assisting, co-creating and proofreading. The goal is for you to feel empowered and equipped to continue writing grants to sustain your organization.

Co-Created Customized Package


Soul Space Work has worked with clients ranging from individuals working on personal goals, grief work and career changes as well as nonprofit organizations working on organizational structures, new entrepreneurs ready to create their business and also large, successful businesses working to enhance workplace culture and leadership. And for clients that aren’t sure what they want, Soul Space Work goes on the journey with you to figure it out.

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