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Work with Soul Space



Soul Space Work offers a supportive, energizing and explorative coaching experience for individuals, businesses and organizations. Soul Space Work’s customized coaching packages supports the journey to fulfillment in life, work and careers by establishing goals, creating plans and identifying and overcoming obstacles.



Soul Space Work offers a collaborative and creative consulting experience. From goal setting, project organization, brainstorming, and researching, we provide honesty, integrity, and put your goals at the center. Hiring Soul Space Work provides an opportunity to explore or expand a particular area of your organization, business, grant, or project without adding extra burden to staff. With short-term contracts, you can get a specific return on your investment without a lot of risk, training or long-term commitment. 


Photography & Branding

Branding photography and design help to not only tell and share your story, but help others to feel it. Soul Space Work offers full service branding photography for individuals, businesses, products, editorials, and more. Mission-driven design strategies can elevate your story, website, image and customer interactions. In addition, we have access and relationships with a large network of high quality and professional artists and designers to connect you to the artist and aesthetic you need. 


Events & Exploration

Soul Space Work is constantly exploring and looking for connection in new opportunities. From book clubs to mindfulness events, Soul Space Work seeks people and partners to create with.