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Soul Space Work offers a collaborative and creative coaching and consulting experience for any business from small, new and emerging to midsize. Through deep listening and understanding, we provide honesty, integrity, and put your goals at the center of everything we do.


Hiring Soul Space Work provides an opportunity to explore, expand or invest in a particular area of your organization, business or project without adding extra burden to staff. With short-term contracts, you can get a specific return on your investment without a lot of risk, training or long-term commitment.

Scroll below to review our most valued services.

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Targeted Work Session

One of our most popular programs is the Targeted Work Session. This is a focused work session to move you forward in your project, business or need. The targeted work session spends 2 hours digging into your need. From marketing, website content, mission, vision, and strategy to branding, logo creation to employee relations and culture. We brainstorm, identify solutions and create concrete plans. 

2 Hour Target Work Session is $350 and includes PDF Summary - Book Your Work Session HERE.

What's in a Year 

Stay on track with your business or personal goals for the year. This program is designed specifically to offer monthly accountability and planning. Work with intention to make sure you stay aligned with what you set out to accomplish. This program provides monthly sessions to check in on the previous month's goals and set your goals and intentions for the upcoming weeks. We explore any barriers and identify strategies for forward movement. This program also comes with an end of year review/goal setting session. 


12 -  1:1 Planning Sessions

Welcome Gift

Monthly Summary

Year End Goal Setting

$2,500 (Pay in full or choose monthly installments of $215)

Book Your 'What's in a Year' Package Here.

*If you are interested in gifting this to a person or business, please contact Sarah for personalized gifting options at

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Organizational Self Care

Is self care a capitalistic cliche or a basic human need? Is self care a personal responsibility or human right? YES. Organizational Self Care is a new model created in a hurting healthcare industry to address the very real and human needs plaguing healthcare workers. Organizational Self Care works to support an individual's self care with a collective responsibility of investing in well-being at work. 

Soul Space Work will assess the self care needs of the individuals in your business along with the organizational self care practices and create sustainable tools to support the growth and care of the humans working in your organization. 

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Retreat On Purpose

Tired of the same old events and retreats? We've all been to too many workshops, meetings, retreats that drain us instead of invigorate us. Soul Space Work believes in retreating on purpose. The actual definition of retreat is "to move back or withdraw, withdraw to a quiet or secluded place, a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax." many seemingly good things, corporate American may have co-opted and turned into something draining, boring and definitely not resting or relaxing. 

Soul Space Work deeply believes in retreats, but to do them on purpose and with purpose. Soul Space Work helps to create, plan, coordinate logistics meetings, workshops and retreats with soul. We can also offer facilitation, content and experiences depending on your needs.


We define the needs and purpose of your event/workshop/meeting/retreat and curate an invigorating experience and tend to each and every detail so you can rest, relax and yes...retreat. 

Jump on Sarah's schedule to discuss your event/retreat needs or email at 

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Executive / Professional Coaching

If you, a manager, director or someone on your team could benefit from extra support, empowerment and forward movement toward their professional goals, a private coaching experience is a highly impactful tool that moves career and confidence forward. 

Schedule a call to discuss your coaching needs or if you would like to gift someone a coaching experience please contact Sarah at 

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Workplace Culture

Invest in the power of your team through leadership, engagement and understanding and serving your team. Soul Space Work begins with learning about your leadership, your team and your needs. Through assessments, group discussions, active listening and strategy, we will create a sustainable and livable plan of strategies to create and maintain a healthy and happy workplace culture. 

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