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  • Sarah Smith Warren

What is The Soul Place?

This is a good question. One that I have been sitting with for some time. I created Soul Space Work, my creative coaching and consulting business because I envisioned a place for connection, for sharing, for celebrating...all the things that have been part of my life and businesses, but not nearly enough. This earth, even with its 8 billion humans, can be lonely. Starting a business? Making a change? Grieving? Searching? Surviving? LONELY.

In the past decade of my life, I have experienced all of these, complete with the loneliness. In 10 years, I saw my first positive pregnancy test, bought our first home, was told there was no heartbeat, led an incredible community organization, saw my second positive pregnancy test, was part of a wonderful rural community, gave birth to my son and then buried my son, started a photography business, helped build a community swimming pool, went to therapy- a lot, grieved - a lot, cried - a lot (I'm still crying), saw my third pregnancy test, held my breath for 9 months, welcomed a 4-pound healthy son, renovated a photography studio, sold our home, moved homes, traveled, hired a coach, saw my fourth positive pregnancy test, gave premature birth in my bathroom, buried a tiny baby, started a second business, received two fellowships, was president of a state organization, helped renovate a historic bowling alley, sold our home, sold my business, moved our family into a travel adventure. Turned 40.

My story isn't much different than every other human's; full of love and loss and beauty and pain and growth and set backs, surviving and thriving. But the real living and healing and growing, for me, is in the connection, the support, the honesty and authenticity, vulnerability and humanness.

This connection, this humanness is what I yearned for in the loneliest moments and also in the most joyous moments and it was the connection with other beautiful, brave, open and honest humans that brought me back to life. It was the humanness of my husband, who fought alongside me for us to survive, it was the humanness of colleagues and bosses who gave us time and space and honored our journey, it was the humanness of a brilliant woman sharing her story and mission on a mountain in Vermont, it was the humanness of a fighting mother warrior building a support group for families of addicts, it was the humanness of a young mother sharing her child with two mothers. To share in our humanness - that is The Soul Place.

The Soul Place is a monthly online publication featuring a person/business/human who wants to share a part of their story, work, mission, creativity, joy, pain, life, soul.

The meeting place is this online publication housed at

The medium is really anything that wants to be shared by our featured contributor from a story, poem, writing to a video, photograph, piece of art, product.

The purpose is to deeply listen, learn, share and connect. Our hope is that through connection and sharing, it will lead us to reach out, to feel, to engage in conversation with the contributor, the Soul Space Work community, yourself or your own community.

The way to join is to sign up to be part of our online community or follow Soul Space Work on Instagram or Facebook for new updates and posts!


Sarah, Soul Space Work

If you or someone you know would like to be a featured contributor at The Soul Place, please contact me at

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1 Comment

Feb 11, 2022

I cannot wait to learn and connect with others who share in The Soul Place.

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